Li jiang ancient city , located in the southwest of Yunnan province, China, is a place where nature meets history


It has 800 years or 900 years history and now is well-preserved. It began to take in shape in the sounthern Song danasty and  is put in the list of the world cultural heritage by the World

legacy committee of United nations Educational,Scientific and cultural organization in 1997

It is surrounded by many beautiful mountains and rivers among which the Jade dragon snow mountain and the  Black dragon Spring are the most famous one.The water of the black dragon Spring comes from the metling snow of the Jade dragon snow mountain which is covered by snow all the year round.



The water from the Black dragon Spring runs through each buliding and becomes the speical picture of what we can see today.The water has been always the most important element of the local culture,also known as DongBa Culture created by Naxi nationality people,an ethnic minority of China.




The buildings in the old city are totally the same style of what they were  800years ago.The concept of the buildings represents the harmony of the human and nature. The inside constructure is delicate and elegant.




The countyard is alwasy decorated with flowers and bosai trees. It is a relaxed lace for the whole family. Sitting around the table in the countyard, having some tea together, isn't it a great enjoyment ?





The stone path is one of the characteristic of the old city.




Handcrafted items are seen everywhere in lijiang.